Various government agencies assisting the hospital in bringing back digital patient care services: AIIMS, Delhi


After the AIIMS web portal server crashed on Wednesday, various government agencies are supporting the hospital to bring back digital patient care services, according to a statement released by AIIMS Delhi. AIIMS server is down even after 40 hours, the statement released by AIIMS Delhi added.

“Various government agencies are investigating the incident and supporting AIIMS in restoring digital patient care services. We hope to be able to restore affected operations soon,” the statement read. “In the meantime, all emergency and routine patient care services and laboratory services are manually managed,” he added.

Meanwhile, AIIMS Delhi has also shut down internet services. Earlier Thursday, AIIMS released a new set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which states that admission, discharge and transfer of patients will be done manually in the hospital until the E-Hospital either broken down.

“Latest SOPs should be followed in manual mode until E-Hospital is down. Admission, Discharge and Transfer should be done manually at AIIMS, New Delhi. Indentation should be done manually,” the hospital said. He further said that death or birth certificates must be drawn up manually on forms as per the instructions of the working committee.

“Only urgent samples should be sent and that too with completed forms. Only urgent inquiries should be sent with forms as instructed by the working committee,” he added. Earlier Wednesday, AIIMS reported a server outage. The server has been down since 7 a.m. Wednesday and officials are manually managing OPD and sample collection.

AIIMS said it was taking steps to restore digital services and was seeking support from India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and National Computer Center (NIC). According to information provided by AIIMS Delhi, “The National Informatics Center eHospital server used at AIIMS, New Delhi was down due to outpatient and inpatient digital hospital services including smart lab, billing, generating reports, the appointment system, etc., have been affected. All of these services are currently operating in manual mode.”

“The National Computing Center (NIC) team working at AIIMS has advised that this may be a ransomware attack which is being reported and will be investigated by the relevant authorities in charge. of law enforcement. Steps are being taken to restore digital services and support is being sought from India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and National Informatics Center (NIC),” said the AIIMS in a statement. “AIIMS and NIC will take necessary precautions to prevent such attacks in the future. As of 7:30 p.m., hospital wards are operating in manual mode,” the statement said.

“Staff manually manage the outpatient department (OPD) and sample collection. But those who do not have unique health IDs face problems in this regard. The administration also faces problems with admissions and discharge of patients,” the statement read. declared. (ANI)

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